Announcement of the KAT Walk mini Software Upgrade

Dear KAT Walk mini users: In order to provide you with the highest quality walking experience, KAT VR is planning to update the KAT Walk mini software in mid-May 2019. The new version will ensure more stable work of our devices and better tracking accuracy. In order to update the software, all users of KAT… Read More »

Exploring the Middle East – KAT Walk mini’s Debut in the United Arab Emirates at DEAL Exhibition

It has been a while, since KAT VR first announced its participation in the Dubai Entertainment, Amusement & Leisure Exhibition (DEAL). And it has been a while since our team was so excited about anything! This three day-long expo took place in the Dubai World Trade Center which for a short while became a true… Read More »

KAT I/O Business Edition 2.4 & Consumer Edition 2.2 – Update Notice

Dear KATers! We’re happy to announce that new versions of our software have been developed and will be available to you from March, 27! As we promised, this time we’re introducing some enhancements for both KAT I/O Business, and Customer Edition! KAT I/O Business Edition V. 2.4.0 (In order to ensure uninterrupted work of your… Read More »

KAT I/O Business Edition 2.3.4 – Update Notice

Dear customers, In order to avoid affecting your daily operations, you can arrange the update time according to your schedule, and install the new version of KAT I/O manually at any time convenient for you. Please, read this notice carefully and follow the instructions Step 1: Click the button below, select the local path on… Read More »

Last Chance to Try Affected the Manor [FREE OF CHARGE]

Have you tried already the creepiest VR game ever created? If not, Affected: The Manor awaits you!  Watch our guinea pig trying to beat the haunted house, and get ready to face the dread yourself! Developed by The Fallen Planet Studios; Affected: The Manor (2016) quickly became a worldwide phenomenon with over 200 million hits on YouTube.… Read More »

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