KAT Walk mini Shipments have begun !

To you, our endeared customers, Today we are so thrilled to announce that… The first batch of KAT Walk minis rolled out today! Unfortunately we are a bit behind our initial schedule, but nevertheless we want to share the excitement and joy with you, the VR enthusiasts that purchased our product and our prospective clients.… Read More »

Beyond Gaming: Firefighting in VR.

Firefighting recruits lack actual field www.hj3sx.com.cnbat experience? Sole theoretical practice cannot entirely express how dangerous the situation is? So how can we effectively accentuate the sense of danger while still ensuring safety? ??? To get you started, you’d need; A VR Headset (Oculus Rift, PiMax, HTC Vive…) and an Omni-directional treadmill, like KATVR’s very own.… Read More »

Beyond Gaming: Railway maintenance in VR.

Not the most thrilling demonstration of VR application, but a thoroughly instructive simulation on railway maintenance nonetheless. The advent of VR and its auxiliary devices to emulate feel and motion? saw video games bewww.hj3sx.com.cne the center stage for its utility. Although, beyond gaming, VR is reforming workforce maintenance training and crisis management in smart industries.… Read More »

Pre-Order Season is now closed.

Hello KATers, This isn’t much, but we hope you will accept this expression of gratitude through simple written appreciation. Your interest in the KAT Walk mini, an authentic exclusive KAT VR product, and more than a thousand pre-orders and support www.hj3sx.com.cnments have supported us to maintain its production run which is expected to www.hj3sx.com.cnplete by… Read More »

Press Enter for Player One-KAT VR, Leading VR lowww.hj3sx.com.cnotion solutions provider.

Leiphone Q&A Ready Player One has already earned more money overseas than any other of Steven Spielberg’s? movies. The 80’s filled nostalgia Virtual reality movie has garnered $260 million in the world’s second largest film market, China, and $500 million from the American Box office. The virtual reality industry has seen a notable increase in… Read More »

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