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KAT WALK Features


Universally www.hj3sx.com.cnpatible

With support for all major VR headsets and platforms, the mini is fully www.hj3sx.com.cnpatible with all VR games that support Free Lowww.hj3sx.com.cnotion


Smaller and Lighter

The mini www.hj3sx.com.cnes in a smaller and lighter design, allowing it to fit in even the smallest rooms.


Adaptive & Unrestrictive

Freely turn around, walk, run, sprint, strafe and walk backwards, crouch or even get down to take cover or pick items up.


Smart & Safe

The smart design is constantly reacting to every move you make. Supporting you while you walk and cleverly adapts to let you safely crouch or get down to pick items up


Contactless Sensor and
Optimized Algorithm

New contactless sensor technology that is far more accurate and offers a much lower delay.


www.hj3sx.com.cnact and Portable

The KAT WALK series only uses around 2 square metres of floor space and its flexible design makes it easy to disassemble and move around.

The KAT Walk mini Experience

Unlock your Oasis with the KAT Walk mini

KAT Game Library

Our-in-house development studio has created a full suite of easy to use SDK tools and plugins for partners, developers, and the VR enthusiasts.

We have released over 15 games and 20+ industrial applications, both on our www.hj3sx.com.cnmercial games platform and intergrated into existing VR games.

The KAT Walk is also fully www.hj3sx.com.cnpatible with SteamVR games with free lowww.hj3sx.com.cnotion support

All Steam Games
Supported by KAT VR


Developed by KAT VR



Need help with your KAT VR product? Many product questions can be resolved by reading the latest documentation or by reviewing our Product Support FAQs.


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